We offer luxury bracelets made of rare minerals and precious stonesruby, sapphire, emerald, topaz, tanzanite and others.

We have a certificate of authenticity for each gemstone, which confirms that it is truly a stone of natural origin. We always know in which country the gemstone was mined and we often even know the specific mine.

Jewelry with natural stones does not lose its value, on the contrary, through wear we create a relationship with them. Because the gems are natural, each bracelet looks a little different and is completely original  – no one else in the world will own one like yours.

In addition, the bracelets are handmade in the Czech Republic, so we can repair them quickly and at any time under warranty. We also avoid artificially coloured stones and their synthetic substitutes – we want the beauty of the natural gemstone to always be 100% visible.

To make sure our bracelets perfectly fit you, we offer them in several variations and sizes. If you would still like a bracelet of your own design, we will create a customized piece of jewellery.

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