TRIMAKASI is a symbol of gratitude, balance and hope.

The name TRIMAKASI coined during our travels across the Indonesia and comes from the Indonesian word “terima kasih”, which means “thank you”. The local people on Bali quickly showed us by their selfless actions that the good in people had not died even in today’s hectic times.


The TRIMAKASI logo made of the moon and the sun symbolizes the mental harmony between the human subconscious and consciousness. Jewels bearing our logo are talismans that will give you strengh and hope even in your darkest days – remember:

After every dark night comes a bright day.

Trimakasi bracelets are talismans of gratitude, harmony and hope, which will recharge you with positive energy even during the darkest days.

Our company is based in the heart of Europe in Czech Republic and we are shipping worldwide for free!. We focus on products made by precious handicraft by using natural materials such as precious gemstones. Please check certificates of authenticity of gemstones used in our jewelry here. If you would like to support our project in these dificult times you can do so here.