Our Trimakasi braided bracelets are made from the highest quality nylon cord tied with special nods. They contain the hidden power of nature in the beads made from precious stones.

Handcrafted luxury bracelets that combine spirituality and modern age

Trimakasi bracelets meaning

The name TRIMAKASI coined during our travels across the Indonesia and comes from the Indonesian word “terima kasih”, which means “thank you”. The local people on Bali quickly showed us by their selfless actions that the good in people had not died even in today’s hectic times.

Trimakasi bracelets are talismans of gratitude, harmony and hope, which will recharge you with positive energy even during the darkest days.

Trimakasi bracelets are widely used for meditation and for the development of spiritual strength. Trimakasi bracelet can be also used as a physical reminder (amulet) symbolizing the path to our goals or also a reminder of what we have already achieved in life.

We send Trimakasi bracelets in the luxurious gift box, which will for sure leave an impression!