The vision of the Trimakasi project is actually quite simple: bring you the best products we have encountered in our travels around the world, and reflect the inspiration from our travels into our own creative products.

We love gemstones! That is the reason why we want to have wide sellection of products made from natural semi-precious stones.

The TRIMAKASI logo consists of the symbol of moon and sun. The moon is the symbol of the subconscious and it is the source of ours emotions. Its counterpart is the sun – consciousness. The sun (the circle) is the symbolic definition of the space in which is formed the power, and the awareness of the higher self, the source of consciousness.
By connecting these two elements occurs HARMONY.

Product photos are tagged and protected by the Trimakasi logo, which is subject to the priority right of the trademark registration process. We insist that these photos will never be distributed by third parties for commercial purposes without our permission.

Claire Trimakasi