If you like our jewellery or our project as whole, you can support us by the donation. You will contribute by that to the furher development of this company and Trimakasi products. Unfortunately Covid-virus crisis hit us hard as many of others but we still believe that: After every dark night comes a bright day.

In the case you will decide to support us please inform us about that and we will make in return unique jewellery designed and personalised just for you!

You can donate by:

  • Our bank acc. for direct bank transfers (EUR):
    • IBAN:CZ9620100000002601841971BIC/SWIFT: FIOBCZPPXXX
  • Our Bitcoin (BTC) wallet:
    • bc1qdrt83gzy3vv3ck9h7vmk4ymf6v8aq9ca4vwlmp
  • Our Ethereum (ETH) wallet:
    • 0x2F3776caA8Ad5E30eDC7dD0C9083Ba90a3e6a702


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